Avoid Dangerous Synthetic Testosterone Boosters

What red-blooded man doesn’t want more testosterone? The more testosterone you have coursing through your veins, the more you feel like a real life Superman. Whether you have very specific, ambitious goals or whether you want to pursue a more moderate level of male enhancement, raising your testosterone levels will be necessary. It’ll help you enjoy sex more, it’ll give you confidence, it’ll make you more attractive, and it’ll help you build tons of lean, strong muscle. There are almost no downsides to boosting your testosterone levels as high as they can go.

The key word there is “almost”. If you go overboard and do it the wrong way, too much testosterone can become a very bad thing, very quickly. The good news is that it usually only happens if you try to raise your T-levels through artificial means. We’ve collected some important information about artificial testosterone boosters that every man needs to know. Sure, most people are aware that steroids are bad. But after reading this, you’ll know exactly how bad – and you’ll know exactly why you should avoid them if you want to maximize your testosterone the healthy way.

Anabolic Steroids: Worth the Risk? We Think Not

When people hear the word “steroids”, many people probably assume there’s only one type. They probably also conjure a mental image of some beefcake gym rat sticking a needle into his butt cheek. But this is a grossly oversimplified snapshot of the world of anabolic steroids.

The men who are most vulnerable to abusing steroids do fall into some of the stereotypes. They are typically athletic and may even be involved in some professional type of sport. Unfortunately, their desire to cut corners and cheat their way to success takes a massive toll on their body. Different formulas of anabolic steroids use different compounds in order to mask themselves from doping organizations, but your basic elements are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. When you inject them, it stimulates nearly every single type of tissue in your body to start producing more testosterone. This is problematic for several reasons.

For starters, the parts of your body responsible for producing the most testosterone are your testicles and your adrenal glands. When you start delegating testosterone production tasks to other tissues and organs, your adrenals and your testicles clock out. The less of this job they have to do, the less efficient they get at doing it. Overtime, your adrenals and your testicles may permanently lose some degree of functionality with regard to testosterone production.

But these aren’t the only health and wellness drawbacks you’ll see in the face of quick, temporary muscle gains from anabolic steroids. Obviously, if you’re a professional athlete and you’re taking steroids to further your career, the odds are good that you will get caught eventually. This can ruin your career and force you out of your profession in disgrace. Anabolic steroids are also highly addictive. The withdrawal effects can prompt some men into a physiological addiction to these substances. Adding insult to injury is the fact that it is very easy to get emotionally addicted to how good steroids make you feel. Quitting steroids – especially after heavy, long term use – frequently causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Without proper care, this scenario ends badly for thousands of men each year.

TRT Isn’t as Safe as You Think

TRT is an acronym which is short for testosterone replacement therapy. It’s very popular nowadays thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of relaxing regulations on a pharmaceutical companies’ ability to market dangerous drugs to desperate people. Don’t get us wrong – there are legitimate medical reasons why some men out there can and should undergo testosterone replacement therapy. But just like Botox, TRT is being used and abused by people who don’t need it because there isn’t enough money in it for the drug companies to limit it to the people that do need it.

Like anabolic steroids, stimulating testosterone production by replacing it with a chemical therapeutic regimen conditions your body into thinking it doesn’t need to produce its own. If your testicles and your adrenals were struggling to make a healthy amount of testosterone in the first place, then congratulations – you are one of the few who testosterone replacement therapy was designed for. But it’s not uncommon these days for professional athletes – especially those in their late thirties and early forties who aren’t ready to retire just yet – to get a doctor’s note for TRT and keep playing ball, despite the fact that they’re technically cheating.

Testosterone replacement therapy comes with many of the same unfortunate side effects as anabolic steroid abuse. Those include:

  • Hair loss
  • Fits of rage
  • Shrunken testicles
  • Infertility and/or a low sperm count
  • Sudden acne breakouts at any age
  • Dangerously high cholesterol levels
  • Dangerously high blood pressure
  • Liver, kidney, or heart disease (and possibly failure)
  • Depression and/or suicidal thoughts

Most surprising of all to many men is the fact that TRT can cause you to grow breast tissue. This is different from “man boobs”, which are fat deposits on the chest which have a curvy, feminine look. Breast tissue has a unique cellular structure which can produce lactate – normal fat cells can’t do that. Breast tissue is also more vulnerable to cellular mutations which, if not detected early, can develop into breast cancer. What an ironic way for a man to die.

Forget Synthetic Testosterone – Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

If you’re still interested in using steroids or TRT to boost your testosterone levels, there’s not much we can do for you. But we have some very valuable advice for men who now have second thoughts about synthetic testosterone boosters. You should take a look at natural male enhancement supplements if you’re serious about boosting your testosterone safely and effectively. They contain all of the ingredients you need to send your testosterone levels shooting through the roof. You’ll have a more active libido, you’ll have more energy in the gym, you’ll pack on all the hard muscle you want, and you’ll have a better time between the sheets, too. All of this can be yours if you take a testosterone boosting male enhancement supplement like Endowmax.

Horny Goat Weed Does More Than Make You Horny

Nine times out of ten, when people ask about horny goat weed, they’re asking for one reason and one reason only: to find out about its male enhancement benefits. After all, horny goat weed supplements are flying off the shelves at record numbers these days. And it isn’t just due to its catchy name. There is an ever-growing body of scientific evidence which suggests that this herb does exactly what it says it does, and more.  

So it seems as though the hype behind this product is real. But is that all horny goat weed really does – just make you horny? Do you really need to buy an expensive supplement to get your libido going, or can you save money by just buying some oysters and calling it a day? We wanted to find answers to these questions, and more. We decided to sit down, do some serious research, and we found some surprising revelations. As it turns out, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to horny goat weed.

The Origins of Horny Goat Weed

The first thing we were surprised to learn was that horny goat weed isn’t actually a weed at all! It’s a type of herb with the respectable Latin name of epimedium. It’s a hearty plant that grows in many different regions across the globe, but the most potent varieties of this species span a specific geological area between the Middle East and Northwestern China. The compound within horny goat weed that people extract for health purposes is called icariin. the more of this compound that you can get into your body, the greater your male enhancement (and other) health benefits will be.  

In other parts of the world, people refer to horny goat weed as yin yang huo, barrenwort, bishop’s hat, and fairy wings. Of course, when looking up the history of horny goat weed, you can’t help but find out some interesting information about how this plant earned its most prestigious moniker. It turns out that there’s nothing convoluted or surprising about it; it earned the name “horny goat weed” because it makes goats horny! Hundreds of years ago, livestock farmers noticed that their animals – goats especially – loved to chow down on this herb. And when they did, not only were they copulating more often, but they would produce more offspring and the population of their herds would grow very quickly.

The the Multi-faceted Effect of Horny Goat Weed on Male Enhancement

Even if horny goat weed was a through-and-through sugarpill, we’re betting our life savings that it would still be one of the top ingredients in most of the male enhancement products on the market right now. After all, it’s got the word “horny” right there in the name – it’s got to give you some sort of sexual enhancement, right? Thankfully for all the men out there who need a boost in the bedroom, it does live up to its name (both with humans as well as goats). On top of that, it does so much more.

Horny Goat Weed Boost Your Libido

Obviously, “horny” goat weed isn’t called that because it snuffs out your sex drive. It’s called that because it is notoriously effective at lighting your sex drive on fire. How does it do this? It all has to do with cortisol. The biological compounds in horny goat weed effectively neutralized excess levels of cortisol. When your body produces cortisol to excess, you experience emotional stress. And when you are too stressed out, your desire for sex will start to plunge. But when you get rid of that excess cortisol, you start to feel frisky again.

Horny Goat Weed Helps You Build More Muscle

As we mentioned earlier, icariin is the powerful biological compound responsible for the majority of horny goat weed benefits. But not all men who take horny goat weed supplements are doing so for their sexual health. It’s actually quite popular among bodybuilders to supplement with horny goat weed. Studies show that it helps boost testosterone safely and effectively. It’s one of the few performance enhancing substances they can take legally, since it isn’t (yet) forbidden buy anti-doping associations such as USADA or WADA.

Horny Goat Weed and Erectile Dysfunction

At some point, almost every man alive will experience some problem with erectile dysfunction. The causes of erectile dysfunction can either be emotional, physical, or an unfortunate combination of the two. Just like emotional stress can interfere with your ability to feel horny in the first place, it can interfere with your ability to achieve an erection. Since horny goat weed helps reduce the stress reaction which causes excess cortisol levels, it can be effective at alleviating erectile dysfunction problems associated with a stressed-out emotional state.

For the majority of men, though, their erectile dysfunction stems from physical problems. Namely, cardiovascular issues and problems with proper blood flow. Here’s a quick anatomy lesson: the reason you get an erection is because the blood vessels in your penis relax and dilate, allowing blood to flow into them and expanding the soft tissues of your penis. Sometimes, unfortunately, these blood vessels don’t dilate the way they’re supposed to.

When they don’t dilate, it’s usually caused by excess production of the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme is actually necessary to return your penis to a flaccid state after intercourse and prevent dangerous conditions such as priapism. But when you have too much of it, you won’t be able to get it up in the first place. Thankfully, doses of horny goat weed naturally regulate excess levels of PDE5 so that you can get it up whenever and wherever you need to.

What’s the Best Way to Supplement With Horny Goat Weed?

There are many different ways that you can incorporate horny goat weed into your diet and exercise regimen. If you’re the salt of the earth type, you might try and find some seeds so that you can grow it on your own. But that’s a lot of work for most people. Most men just purchase horny goat weed supplements instead.

But should you just buy horny goat weed by itself, or purchase a comprehensive male enhancement supplement that contains horny goat weed among its long list of stellar ingredients? Well, our experts believe you should go with the ladder as long as it fits within your means. After all, horny goat weed is just one variable in the equation that is total male enhancement. And if you want to “solve for X”, you’re going to need a supplement that’s as powerful and effective as Endowmax.

Endowmax Can Make Everything Better

There are a great many factors that combine to make Endowmax an excellent alternative to the many male enhancement pills on the market. For one thing, many contain chemicals that are sometimes unsafe and leave behind side effects. Endowmax male enhancement capsules are safe and natural and, if the reviews are to be believed, their users say they produce the results they claim.

One reason they may feel that way is the decided lack of hype. Endowmax is very much a very basic, easy-to-understand product. There is no regimen attached to them. For example, there are no weights or special exercises required, there are no painful pumps that are difficult to use. Of course, there is no surgery involved. Endowmax is just a supplement that contains a unique combination of herbs and other natural ingredients that are designed to increase blood flow and circulation in a way that will, over time, enhance sexual performance, increase sexual stamina and make the sexual experience more satisfying than you ever thought possible.

The makers of Endowmax don’t make promises that they don’t keep and they have come up with a natural formula that is both safe and effective. Each ingredient in Endowmax is natural and specifically chosen to provide a particular benefit and they all seem to work together very well. To make the product even better, they have priced Endowmax quite fairly, based on the market price of other male enhancement treatments. Whenever a man wants to increase their self-confidence and make their sexual experience more satisfying for themselves and their lovers, Endowmax might be their best option.

According to Users, Endowmax Can Produce Better Health

One of the best aspects of Endowmax that make it one of the best male enhancement products in a very crowded field is the complete lack of negative side effects. The fact of the matter is, Endowmax is a safe, reliable male enhancement product that could have a positive effect on your entire body and its overall health. These are but a few of the factors that combine to make Endowmax a fine alternative to many of the hundreds (thousands?) of male enhancement products that saturate that market. Many of those products contain chemicals that can be unsafe and have the potential to leave behind negative side effects.

Because Endowmax male enhancement capsules are safe and natural and because their users swear they produce the results they claim, more and more men trust the supplement to help them not just enhance their size, but also other aspects of their sexual experience. One thing that attracts users to Endowmax the decided lack of hype. Endowmax is simply a very basic, easy-to-understand product, with no regimen, special hardware or surgery attached to them. You just take them and they work.

In the end, Endowmax is just a supplement containing a unique combination of herbs and other natural ingredients carefully compiled into a pill that promises to increase blood flow in a way that will, over time, enhance sexual performance, increase sexual stamina and make the sexual experience more satisfying than you ever thought possible. Each ingredient in Endowmax is natural and specifically chosen to provide a particular benefit and they all seem to work together very well.

About Endowmax

There are a great many factors that combine to make Endowmax an excellent alternative to the many male enhancement pills on the market. For one thing, many contain chemicals that are sometimes unsafe and leave behind side effects. Endowmax male enhancement capsules are safe and natural and, if the reviews are to be believed, their users say they produce the results they claim.