Get Rid of Your Premature Ejaculation – for Good!

No man wants to suffer premature ejaculation. It’s embarrassing for you, it’s awkward for your partner, and it can wreak some serious havoc on your sex life. It can leave both of you more or less sexually unsatisfied. Some men get so anxious about premature ejaculation (“PE” for short) that they don’t want to have sex at all!

But that’s no way to live. In order to enjoy your healthiest life, you need to have a good sex life. So you need to figure out what’s going on with your body if you’re currently suffering from premature ejaculation. You need to find out where it’s coming from, why it’s happening, and what you can do about it. In our experience as male sexual health experts, fixing your premature ejaculation problems isn’t just good for helping you last longer in bed. It can yield secondary benefits which improve your overall sexual health!

The Real Definition of Premature Ejaculation Is a Little Fuzzy

Figuring out the problem of premature ejaculation involves defining what the problem is. The most common definitions of premature ejaculation fall under one of the following categories:

  • Not lasting as long in bed as you would like
  • Not lasting as long in bed as your partner would like
  • Ejaculating within 2 minutes or less of sexual penetration

If any of the scenarios above apply to you and your sex life, then you may be suffering from premature ejaculation. You’ve got to get this problem under control if you want to maintain a healthy sex life and a healthy relationship with your partner (or partners). The longer you can last in bed, the more pleasure you can give your lover – and the more pleasure you can give yourself! Even if you can last long enough in bed for both of you to climax at least once, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn how to take that pleasure even farther. Today, we’re going to show you how.

The Most Common Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The main causes of premature ejaculation can be divided into two categories: mental causes, and physical causes. Some unlucky man may experience premature ejaculation due to both physical and mental causes. It’s important to pinpoint what your causes are so that you can fix the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Physical Causes of Premature Ejaculation

For some men, too much physical stimulation or an over-excited nervous system may be causing PE problems. Granted, you could also be that lucky guy whose partner’s anatomy is so pleasurable that not even a marathon pornstar could last long enough to please them. If so, we are both happy and sad for you. For everyone else, overcoming the physical causes premature ejaculation is a top priority.

Premature Ejaculation and Anxiety

So maybe there’s nothing wrong with your nerves or your penile sensitivity. If you’ve tried numbing creams in the past but still have problems with it, then your PE problems may stem from anxiety. Sometimes this anxiety can come from low levels of GABA in your brain. Other times, just worrying about premature ejaculation can cause premature ejaculation. It’s a very unfair catch-22 situation. But there are plenty of other sources of anxiety which can inadvertently contribute to your PE. Relationship stress, work stress, and family stress can all bleed over into the bedroom. This causes many men to perform at less than what they are capable of.  

Thankfully, there are plenty of easy ways to work around both the physical and mental causes of premature ejaculation – so let’s talk about them!

Getting Rid of Your PE Problems

If your problems with premature ejaculation only have to do with the physical side, then you’re in luck. There are dozens and dozens of different creams, sprays, and gels which are designed to help reduce your physical sensitivity to erotic pleasure. This can help you last much longer in bed and be more satisfying for your partner.

But that’s not all these creams can do. Some of them go the extra mile to add a few extra male enhancement properties of their own. They can increase blood flow to the vessels in your member, making your erections larger and stiffer than they would be without them. If being intimate with your partner feels so good that you can’t last as long as you would like, we highly recommend you check out these products.

The emotional side of things, however, can be a little bit more complicated to deal with. If you go to your doctor and if they believe that the problem is serious enough to require medication, you may end up with a prescription for an erectile dysfunction drug or an antidepressant. But either of these harsh medications can cause serious side effects that may be bad for your long-term health. We strongly suggest you try a more natural method first.

In some scientific studies, meditation has shown a beneficial effect of calming down the anxiety which contributes to premature ejaculation. You can also try alternative methods of foreplay with your partner. There are many different fun things you can do in bed with your significant other which are just as pleasurable as penetration. If you’re unsure of what these methods are, we suggest you swing by your nearest adult toy store or do some research online. The internet is an abundant source of information when it comes to all things kinky, flirty, and fun.

Supplements That Help With Premature Ejaculation

Lastly, we strongly suggest you incorporate an herbal male enhancement supplement like endowmax into your daily routine. Endowmax is perfect for men who are having problems with premature ejaculation. The natural male enhancement herbs in this formula help reduce anxiety by boosting levels of the feel-good endorphin, GABA, and your brain. They also help you produce more testosterone which makes your erections larger, harder, and makes it easier to keep it up for longer. We can’t count all of the positive feedback we have seen from satisfied endowmax users (and their partners!). If you’re ready to become their next happy client, we strongly suggest you look into them.