What Is Erectile Dysfunction, and How Can You Fix It?

Here’s a challenge: how long can you watch a football game on TV without an erectile dysfunction commercial being shoved in your face? We’re betting it’s not very long. ED medications are more popular – and selling in greater numbers – than they ever have before. But why? Why is erectile dysfunction suddenly so rampant, and so difficult to fix that you can’t do it without a prescription pill?  

We’re sure some men do it for convenience. After all, it’s covered by insurance in almost all cases, and it’s much cheaper and easier to take a pill than to make certain diet and lifestyle choices which could help your member work better. ED pills may also improve erection quality in ways that most men have never experienced. But we are here to tell you today that you don’t have to rely on a little blue pill to get your body ready for amazing sex. There are easier, more affordable ways to get you the male enhancement you deserve and to make your erectile dysfunction problems a thing of the past. And we want to make sure you know what they are.

Defining Erectile Dysfunction

If you are unable to get an erection, or if you are unable to keep an erection firm enough to penetrate your partner, then you probably have erectile dysfunction – according to the Mayo Clinic, at least. This can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing. And the more often it happens, the more discouraging it can be. But the truth is it can be much worse than that. Frequent instances of erectile dysfunction – especially if you are under the age of 65 – can be a warning sign that there is something else wrong with your body. In fact, if you have ED problems and if you notice any of the other symptoms listed below, it would be a very good idea to book an appointment with your doctor at your earliest convenience:

  • If you experience erectile dysfunction three times a month (or more frequently)
  • If your ED is having a negative effect on your romantic relationship(s)
  • If you are over the age of 60 and starting to notice a decline in the quality of your erections
  • If you are experiencing anxiety or depression as a result of your ed
  • If you have or suspect you may have a cardiovascular health problem

Younger men who don’t experience frequent instances of impotence shouldn’t panic (at least, not at first). But as you age and as the erectile dysfunction gets worse, you and your doctor will need to be proactive and vigilant. It’s the best way to avoid medical complications and maintain a healthy, active sex life.

Is There a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

The word “cure” isn’t the most accurate way to phrase it. But there are treatment options which you can pursue as long as you do so under the advice of your primary care practitioner. It isn’t just your physical health that’s at stake when it comes to impotence. Having the capacity to achieve a high quality erection whenever you need one is important for your mental and sexual health, too.

Treating ED With Prescription Drugs

The most popular erectile dysfunction prescription drugs are:

  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Levitra  
  • Stendra

Prescription drugs have one thing going for them: they all have FDA approval. This means that they are highly likely to be safe to use. But getting a prescription in the first place can be a little challenging. First you have to admit that you have a problem getting an erection. Then you have to get a prescription. After that, you have to wait in line at the pharmacy and then spend who knows how much money on it. Your doctor may advise you against taking the drugs if you have other health conditions. As you can see, prescription pills for erectile dysfunction aren’t always the best way to go.

Herbal ED Supplements

The nutraceutical industry is saturated with natural supplements but claim to be the fountain of youth for your anatomy. And they come in many different forms. Some of them can be taken whenever you want, especially right before you are ready to make love to your partner. Others are best taken every day at the same time.

Each type of male enhancement supplement has its own pros and cons. The supplements you take as needed can seem like a better option, but it can be embarrassing to have to step away from your partner to take it if you are in the middle of getting hot and heavy. On top of that, you have to wait for it to kick in. Your lover may not be willing to wait that long. It could totally ruin the experience for both of you.

Or you can take a supplement designed to work whenever you want it to, like Endowmax. As long as you take Endowmax consistently at the same time each day, you will be ready to achieve a larger, fuller, longer-lasting erection at the drop of a hat. Endowmax is great for both boosting testosterone levels naturally and giving your cardiovascular system a little extra help so that it can perform better.

Both of these things will improve the quality of your erections and your bedroom performance. The healthier your cardiovascular system is, the easier it will be to send blood to your erection when you need it most. The harder and larger your erection is, the longer it will last – so that you know you can satisfy your lover as much as they want. The added boost of testosterone can also improve the quality of the sex you’re having. It’ll send your libido shooting through the roof, making you more attracted to your partner (and making them more turned on by your lustful desires). Men with higher testosterone levels also experience higher energy levels. These higher energy levels coupled with longer-lasting erections mean that you’ll have the sexual stamina of a man 10, 20, or even 30 years your junior.

Erectile dysfunction can be a very difficult and embarrassing problem to deal with. But it doesn’t have to be. Male enhancement supplements like Endowmax are crafted from just the right ingredients so that you can boost your testosterone, get the erections you want, and perform in the bedroom the way you and your lover both deserve. We highly recommend it!