Ingredient Spotlight: Longjack

Longjack is a cheeky nickname for one of the newest and hottest male enhancement ingredients in the supplement market today. There’s a whole lot of hype around this particular plant extract. But there’s also a lot of skepticism and doubt. So who’s telling the truth? Well, we are here to put some of that skepticism to bed. Endowmax has a generous amount of longjack extract incorporated into the formula, and for good reason. This article is designed to help you understand why.

Basic Information on Longjack

Longjack goes by many names. According to botanists, it’s eurycoma longifolia. You may also see it labeled as tongkat ali, Malaysian ginseng, eurycoma longifolia jack, and the longjack nickname we feature prominently on this page. If you were to spot it in the wild, you would see tall and slender evergreen-esque shrub. Some species of longjack, if left to their own devices, can grow just tell enough to be mistaken for a small tree.

The ancestral versions of the species can be traced all the way back to Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, where it is an extremely popular male enhancement compound. Malaysians also like making tea out of the longifolia leaves. It is marketed as a beverage which can enhance male sexual virility and prowess. As a matter of fact, it is so potent and sought-after that conservation efforts are in the works to protect the plant from being harvested into extinction. Here’s hoping it doesn’t show up on the endangered species list anytime soon!

How Does Longjack Trigger Male Enhancement?

The best place to start talking about longjack male enhancement benefits is probably to start talking about its effect on your erection. Do you have trouble achieving erections? Do you wish your erections were firmer, and could last longer? Or do you want the type of full, hard, throbbing erection that makes you feel as big as you’ve ever been? Well, thousands of men who take longjack every day insist that I can do all of this and more.  

Part of the reason this happens is because of longjack’s positive effect on testosterone production. The more testosterone your body can produce, the healthier and more virile you feel as a man. This can be especially helpful if you are worried about your fertility. When testosterone levels drop, your body starts to produce less sperm, and the sperm cells it does produce are fairly slow and derpy. But boosting testosterone with longjack can turn your testicles into a cloning factory for some of the strongest, fittest little swimmers you’ve ever produced.

Longjack can also improve how good sex feels for you. For starters, the testosterone boost we mentioned above helps reignite a flagging libido. It also helps reduce general anxiety levels – which will make you feel more in the moment and present with your partner. That extra confidence can also translate into enhanced sexual stamina and longer lovemaking sessions. This is true even for men suffering from premature ejaculation. So if you’re having issues with your sexual desire, with lasting long enough in bed, or with really enjoying a satisfying climax with your lover, you have the potential to benefit from supplementing with longjack.

Does Longjack Have Any Other Health Benefits?

It’s pretty obvious that longjack is great for helping men meet their male enhancement goals. But what about its other health benefits? It’s actually great for your immunity, for starters. In regions of the world where malaria is common – such as malaysia, where the plant grows naturally – people have been using it as a malaria cure for many years. It is also used for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and even its antioxidant properties. So not only can longjack protect you from chronic inflammation and infectious microbes, but it can slow down the aging process and help you look and feel healthier for longer.

Longjack is also excellent for improving your athletic performance. The plant contains specific phytochemicals which help boost muscle strength and improve your overall physical endurance. This endurance boost isn’t just helpful in the bedroom, either. Whether you play sports, lift weights in the gym, or simply want to stop feeling tired all the time, longjack can help you get a little extra pep in your step.

Longjack Side Effects

Worrying about side effects from the supplements you take is perfectly natural – and also really smart. We are sure some of you are thinking right now about whether or not you should be afraid of side effects from taking longjack. The good news is that longjack toxicity is highly, highly unlikely. LD50 studies show that you’d have to take 5 grams of pure longjack extract per kilogram of body weight in a single dose in order to put yourself at risk. And since the average man weighs about 70 kilograms, well…you do the math!

The most commonly reported side effect may or may not actually be a negative consequence depending on your particular situation. Some men who have relied upon longjack to solve their male sexual health problems have reported with dismay that they developed a problem with spontaneous, unwanted erections. Now this may happen to you, or it may not. And it can be embarrassing if it happens in public. But we’re betting that most of you who are reading this right now would cut and paste this paragraph back up into the male enhancement section of the article if you were responsible for editing this website.

Endowmax and Longjack

After reading all that, are you still wondering why an ingredient like longjack would be included in the Endowmax formula? It checks all the boxes. It fulfills every conceivable male enhancement need from erection improvement to delayed climax to enhanced orgasmic pleasure and improved sexual stamina. Longjack can also give you health benefits beyond those strictly associated with male sexual health. Best of all, it’s completely safe and non-toxic when taken as directed. You should take advantage of longjack and the other potent male enhancement ingredients available in the Endowmax formula but buying yourself a bottle today.

Maca Root and Male Enhancement – a Surprising Connection

Male enhancement pills are full of all kinds of crazy ingredients these days. But which ones work, and which ones don’t? Seeing as how we are the experts on all things male enhancement, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you figure out what ingredients you should look for on these product labels. Today, the ingredient you should be looking for is: maca root! It’s really impressive what this little root can do for your sexual health. If you want to learn for yourself, just keep reading.

What Is Maca Root? Where Does it Come From?

According to written history, maca root is at least 2,000 years old. But for all we know, it could be even older than that. Maca root is not so much a traditional root as it is a tuber like a carrot or a sweet potato. Which means it’s not just good for use in medicines and folk remedies – it’s quite delicious when used in cooking, too.

The scientific classification for maca root is lepidium meyenii. It is described as a plant which is both biennial and also herbaceous. The plant was first discovered high up in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It grows very well in those cooler, higher altitudes. Some of the most successful maca root farms are located near Junin Lake because the plant requires a decent amount of watering. In some regions of the globe, maca root is referred to as maino, chichira, or peruvian ginseng.

What Does Maca Root Do?

Before we get to the good part, we want to prime you first with a little extra info about maca root. This plant can be used for many other purposes aside from male enhancement. The health benefits of this plant are many and they even include:

  • Cognitive enhancement. Lots of people take maca root because they feel like it makes their brains work better. When taken on a daily basis, it has the potential to help you focus better and promote mental clarity.
  • Increase energy levels. Lots of people take maca root for chronic fatigue, too. But this makes sense, since almost all stimulants tend to improve brain function, making you feel alert and awake.
  • Livestock farming. Male humans aren’t the only ones who get sexual benefits from ingesting maca root. Ranchers use these to help keep their livestock feeling frisky and to boost the fertility of their herd.
  • Maca root is an antioxidant. Sure, there are a ton of fruits and vegetables out there that have antioxidant properties. But maca root is pretty exceptional when it comes to it’s healthful, anti-aging benefits. It helps keep you feeling younger on a cellular level.

Maca Root and Male Enhancement

All right, foreplay time is over. We’re about to get to the fun part and talk about how maca root promotes male enhancement. As good as maca root is for those other things we just mentioned, its male enhancement benefits are the most potent of all – and also the most obvious reason to supplement with it.

  • Maca root improve sexual stamina: if you’re having trouble lasting as long as you want in bed, maca root can help with that. It all has to do with its testosterone boosting benefits.
  • Maca root jacks up your libido: have you been having trouble getting in the mood lately? This isn’t just a problem for women. It happens to men too, especially as we get older. Maca root helps balance male hormones so that you can be ready to go at the drop of a hat.
  • Maca root alleviates erectile dysfunction: get ready to experience the largest, firmest, longest lasting erections you’ve had in a long time. And you’ll be able to achieve them more frequently, too! If you take maca root for long enough and start engaging in more sexual activity, you may even notice some unexpected growth in your member.
  • Maca root can help increase penis size: yes, you read that right. The more often you are achieving the larger, firmer, substantial erections that you can get with maca root, the more it will stretch the soft tissues of your penis. This eventually makes room for more blood to flow into your erection, making you bigger over time.
  • Maca root boosts fertility: remember how we talked about the ranchers a minute ago who use maca root to keep their livestock bountiful? Yes, it has the same effect on human males. It boosts testosterone levels in your body, which causes you to produce healthier sperm – and more of them. So if making babies isn’t your goal, be careful!

Supplementing With Maca Root – the Right Way

With most supplements, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you aren’t careful, you could end up wasting money on a supplement that doesn’t work. You could also end up hurting yourself by taking low quality products. There are a dozen or so good ingredients in most male enhancement supplements these days that do things like boost your testosterone, enhance blood flow, and give you the energy you need to go all night long. But no one single ingredient can do it all – that’s why male enhancement is better with friends (as far as the ingredients are concerned, of course).

Endowmax contains not just maca root, but a bunch of other natural extracts and vitamins which are designed to do all of the above. Maca root works synergistically with all of the other ingredients in the Endowmax formula to provide maximum male enhancement. You’ll rev up your sex drive, you’ll get better erections than you’ve ever had before, and you’ll start having some of the best sex of your life. There’s a very real chance it can even make your anatomy bigger, too. So why settle for supplementing with maca root by itself when you could get so many more benefits combining it with other ingredients? That was the thought process responsible for the development of Endowmax. So if you’re looking for a quality male enhancement supplement with maca root in it, we strongly suggest you start with Endowmax.