Yes, GABA Is Great for Male Enhancement

GABA is a popular ingredient in many different supplements these days. But did you also know that it has male enhancement benefits? You shouldn’t underestimate GABA’s potential. If you’re ready to learn all about what GABA can do for you and your male enhancement goals, we invite you to keep reading and to learn something new.

What Is GABA?

The name GABA is actually short for its scientific name, gamma-aminobutyric acid. Humans are supposed to produce it on our own, along with other mammals. But sometimes, unfortunately, we don’t. How do you know whether or not you’re producing enough GABA? Well, there’s an easy self test you can do right now at home.

How often do you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, neurotic, or anxious in a given day? The more often you feel that way, the less likely you are producing enough GABA. GABA binds to certain receptor cells in your brain which prevents things like cortisol – the stress hormone – from binding to your brain cells instead. This, in turn, makes you feel calm and relaxed. Furthermore, although GABA is mostly known as the anti-anxiety endorphin, it also helps improve muscle tone.

The Full Potential of GABA

There are many different reasons why someone would want to supplement with GABA. Just look at how often people feel anxious and overwhelmed these days. Between our toxic environments, our toxic food, and all of the other unhealthy factors which we are bombarded with daily, it’s a wonder that anyone’s brain still produces GABA at all. As a side effect, these GABA deficiencies can lead to serious problems with anxiety and even insomnia.

GABA can be a safe, effective alternative to dangerous prescription drugs. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry’s solution for anxiety and insomnia is to prescribe benzodiazepines (or to encourage doctors to prescribe benzodiazepines to their patients, rather). But the drugs can have long-term negative health consequences. They have an extremely high rate of abuse. Benzos also damage your brain in ways that speed up brain aging, slow down your reaction time, and contribute to poor cognitive function, memory loss, and a lack of concentration. What the drug industry doesn’t want you to know is that supplementing with GABA can produce all the positive health benefits of reducing anxiety and helping you sleep without messing up your brain or turning you into an addict.

But benzodiazepines aren’t the only actor in this soap opera. Traditional antidepressant treatments, in their own roundabout ways, try to encourage your brain to produce more GABA. Although successful sometimes, these treatments can have their own problems. Traditional antidepressant medications have many negative side effects, and with alarming frequency, too. Another way doctors try to stimulate GABA production in the brain is to apply electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) directly to the forehead. But this is only in extreme cases. Frankly, we would rather just take a GABA supplement than have to go through any of the nightmares associated with benzodiazepines, antidepressant medications, or ECT.

Believe it or not, there are some hormonal benefits women can get from GABA. Obviously, both men and women can enjoy the neurological benefits of GABA regardless of sex. During menopause, GABA can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of negative symptoms. Beyond that, researchers have found that GABA is responsible for increasing HGH human growth hormone levels in adults and moderating ADHD symptoms.

Why GABA Is Good for Male Enhancement

Now we’re getting to the meat and potatoes: the actual male enhancement benefits of supplementing with GABA. For starters, there’s the connection between premature ejaculation and GABA. As most men suffering from this unfortunate condition may know, there are two main reasons why you might not be able to control your climax: too much physical stimulation, or emotional anxiety. Obviously, we’ve already explained how GABA can reduce anxiety. But GABA also comes down your central nervous system so that the physical sensations you feel are less excitatory and easier to control.

GABA is great for helping men who have problems with low libido. Many men lose their sex drive due to stress, fatigue, age, and more. When you can’t get aroused for your partner, this only adds to the emotional distress bringing down your libido. GABA not only reduces these feelings of anxiety, but it also boosts human growth hormone which, in turn, boost your testosterone levels. Between feeling anxiety free and enjoying higher t levels, you’ll have an insatiable libido.

Lastly, GABA has a unique and interesting way of helping you – as a man – experience better orgasms. We are sure you’re aware that the pleasurable feeling of an orgasm comes from the rapid flexing and contracting of your pelvic floor muscles. Because GABA helps with muscle tone, it can make your pelvic floor muscles stronger – even if you don’t do anything to make them stronger yourself. We highly suggest that you do practice Kegel exercises, though, because there are other health and sexual benefits associated with stronger pelvic muscles aside from better orgasms. One of the most important of which is being able to not only control your climax, but preventing blood from leaving your erection. Yes, that’s right – GABA can help you achieve larger, firmer erections.

When it comes to GABA and its benefits, the sky’s the limit. It almost feels like there’s nothing this little molecule can’t do. It helps you rediscover your sex drive. It’ll give you more stamina between the sheets. You’ll experience a better quality erection (and so will your partner). Over time, being able to achieve larger and firmer erections can stretch out your soft tissues to increase the size of your penis as a whole.

Believe it or not, there is a male enhancement product out there which not only contains GABA, but a bunch of other natural, safe ingredients which work synergistically with GABA to provide the most potent male enhancement benefits possible. It’s called Endowmax. And if you really want to meet your male enhancement goals, you should seriously consider giving Endowmax a try.