Looking for a Safe, Natural Way to Boost Testosterone? Here’s How

Low testosterone can be a legitimate health concern for most men. But if your doctor doesn’t want to help you raise your levels, or if it’s something you want to achieve for your own personal benefit, there are safe and natural ways to accomplish this goal. We like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to the male body, testosterone, and sexual health. So if you’re looking to boost your T-levels without dangerous drugs or harmful side effects, you’ve come to the right place. We can tell you exactly what you need to know to produce the testosterone you need to feel your manliest.

Is it Possible to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally Without Dangerous Side Effects?

The idea that you can boost your testosterone levels so high as to be unhealthy is extremely rare when you’re doing it naturally. Basically, the only way you can do it on your own is if you have an underlying medical condition contributing to the problem. You also need to manage your expectations when it comes to boosting your testosterone naturally. These methods will give you exactly as much testosterone as you need to be your optimal self – but they won’t launch your T-levels dangerously high the way steroids will.

Before we go any further, we feel the need to emphasize how important it is to keep your testosterone goals within a healthy, manageable range. Synthetic chemicals can boost you over 800, but anything higher than that is going to do more harm than good in the long run. In fact, anything over 800 can force your body to convert the extra testosterone into estrogen! Since that’s the exact opposite of what most men are trying to do, we don’t think it’s the best idea. We believe that boosting testosterone levels naturally is the only way to go if you want to stay healthy and keep your T-levels high.

There are two unique and rare circumstances under which natural testosterone boosters can do you harm: if you have hyperthyroidism, or if you have rare, benign tumor growth on your adrenals. But if you were to have either of these problems, they probably wouldn’t be triggered by attempts to boost testosterone naturally. These health issues cause much more dramatic problems long before you can even think about low testosterone. Still, you should definitely talk to your doctor about raising your testosterone naturally before you do anything extreme on your own.

Taking the Right Steps Towards Natural Testosterone Production

Now that we’ve got all the doom and gloom out of the way, it’s time to get to the good part. Here’s where we talk about the individual steps you need to take in order to get your testosterone levels where you want them to be in a safe and natural way. Step one is a doozy, so get ready to take notes and pay close attention…

Step One: Eat a Clean Diet

The definition of a clean diet is a bit ambiguous in the fitness world. Even most professional trainers agree that there are many different definitions. With regard to testosterone, however, there are three very obvious components you need to stick to:

  • Get rid of sugar. We’re very serious about this. That’s why it’s the first component of step one of raising your testosterone levels. Don’t get us wrong – you can make exceptions for fruits and vegetables, as long as you’re getting them straight from the produce section and not a can or a frozen bag. But sodas, bread, donuts, cake, and the like need to go. We know it’s hard, but what’s harder: giving up some sweets, or feeling like less of a man? You decide. 
  • Eat the right macronutrients. Your body needs accurate portions of fat, protein, and healthy carbohydrates (not sugar!) In order to produce as much testosterone as possible. Everybody is different, so we can’t presume to know what the perfect macronutrient ratio is for each and every man. But it’s not hard to find these calculators online if you do a little digging. Just make sure your macronutrients come from whole foods like olive oil and dairy for fat; lean, minimally processed meat for protein; and whole grains as well as fruits and veggies straight from the produce section. Frozen dinners and fast food are testosterone’s enemy.
  • Pay attention to your micronutrients. You need to get as much as zinc, vitamin D3, and vitamin B6 as you can without going overboard. All of these vitamins are essential components for testosterone molecule production. Without them, your body won’t have the tools that needs to make more testosterone. But when you have optimal levels of these vitamins, you can increase your testosterone by 25% or more!

Step 2: Become a Beast in the Gym

Weights, weights, and more weights. The male body was built to pick heavy things up and put them down. And if you don’t do that on a regular basis, you’re basically wasting what mother nature gave you. So stop insulting mother nature, and start flexing those muscles. Not only will this make you look better and feel stronger, but the more muscle you have, the less fat you have. A man’s body fat – especially abdominal body fat – is known to excrete hormones which boost estrogen production. So lift those weights already, girly man!

Step 3: Balance Your Hormones With Good Sleep

And no, we don’t just mean enough sleep – although that is important. We mean good sleep. We’re talking about the quality of your sleep. In addition to the 8-10 hours you need on a nightly basis for maximum testosterone production, you need to go through a complete, uninterrupted sleep cycle. Why? Because poor quality sleep jacks up your cortisol levels. And guess what cortisol does? It kills your testosterone. Think of cortisol and testosterone as natural enemies: they can’t really exist at the same time. When you make more testosterone, cortisol plummets. When cortisol rises, your testosterone plummets. Poor sleep makes your cortisol rise. So bring it down with better sleep.

Step 4: Take an Effective Testosterone Booster

You may have also heard these referred to as “male enhancement products”. And no, they’re not as big of a scam as many would have you believe. Are there snake oil salesman out there who want to rip you off and take your money? Sure. But there are some really high-quality products out there like Endowmax which have exactly what you need to produce more testosterone. They have vitamins like zinc, herbs like horny goat weed, and other essential extracts that trick your body into producing more testosterone. So why not give it a try? We know you’ll get great results.